To care by yourself at home for the allergy against pollen

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To encourage and support all of you who are staying at home to avoid expanding covid-19 ,I will suggest how to care yourself about hard situations to your body.

I have studied natural healing power that every one has.

Today , I will tell you the treatment for allergy to pollen.

First reduce , second add something .
This is the rule and principle that I use to treat the entire the body .

Hope you can get some ideas from me,
and remember you are not alone, we are always together.


notice;  this video includes less evidences. But oriental medicine have wisdom to cure and might encourage you who have to stay at home .I am sure that those ideas might you to help without any fear or worries.

Summary :

The allergy to pollen hits your nose and eyes and throat. But to focus those part as the one of the mucous membrane, if upper parts( nose and eyes and throat are bad, them, the lower parts( stomach and small and large intestine are bad,too) .

So to cure the mucous membrane, it is also important to care the intenstine conditions .

First reduce spice . The spice stimulate there a lot.

Second,press the acupoint LI10 and LI11.  If you are living in Japan  Moxa is very useful. I f you are abroad and hard to buy , how about pasta or rice in the kitchen?  you can cut them to very small size and fasten with a tape .  It is useful while you can keep the point dry , because once the points will wet, them it will be boiled and not clean.

Hope you can have some hints .

thank you   Itsue Igarashi